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This site contains stories
intended for mature readers.

I've separated these stories into stories that mainly focus on Buffy; ones that mainly focus on Faith; and ones where the focus is their relationship. Some of the individual stories do mention them as lovers, but it's not the main focus of the story, therefore these are filed under their individual stories. Some of the stories in all categories contain other pairings, and I've tried to mark these as such; as well as marking any stories that might be especially disturbing.

Buffy & Faith

a battle lost
during an alternate seventh season, the first visits faith.

after the war: texas
another town, another hotel room..
after the war: somewhere
another dream that ended way too soon..

almost lovers
faith will take what she can get. during "bad girls".

the ultimate betrayal.

blackbird, fly
faith relives and sets free.

buzzed [buffy/faith]
faith. buffy. switch.

change my world [buffy/faith]
two girls at the end of the world.

down with the sickness
"madness is the gift, that has been given to me.." - disturbed [WARNING: This fic contains nonconsensual sex and child abuse.]

faith plays a little game.

the jacaranda tree
buffy craves the warmth and familiarity of california when she becomes ill. post-chosen.
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a little light
two prideful slayers on an unexpected road trip. [set in s8]

and she will be loved..

faith pulls her best mindfuck yet.

missing persons [buffy/faith/xander]
xander leaves with buffy at the end of becoming. their lives change forever.
missing persons 2: (go to) california
buffy confesses.

moving on [includes soundtrack]
Faith has moved on.. but where does that leave Buffy?

buffy, faith, and ownership.

perchance to dream
during restless, faith dreams too.

Buffy and Faith find out what a Slayer really is.
First place winner, Cave Slayers Challenge.

saving daylight
after the events of bad girls/consequences, buffy tries to save faith from herself.

she sends kisses
Just when Faith thinks she's got the game figured out, it goes and changes.
Prison Fic Challenge Entry

switching gears [faith/other]
faith's life after prison doesn't include sunnydale.

this place
"there is this place inside where all the good things die." - everclear

twenty five
slayers never live past twenty five..
twenty-five: take two
faith's not exempt from the rules, either.

Buffy Summers

what happened the summer buffy ran away.

the end of summer [buffy/tara]
it's really the end of the world and buffy and tara survive. inspired by the movie "on the beach" and annie sewell-jennings' masterpiece "the last summer".

buffy pushes the limits of her humanity.

face down [buffy/spike; buffy/faith]
buffy waits to wake up from her nightmare.

five people buffy summers didn't spend christmas with this year
buffy remembers, and thinks about what could have been.

fresh [buffy/xander]
buffy remembers, but not what you think.
fresher [buffy/xander]
he remembers too.

ghost roads
buffy dies during prophecy girl. but only a little bit. (special appearance by lucy hanover.)

buffy comes full circle.

methadone pretty
buffy. addiction.

buffy's not in charge any more.

she's hooked [buffy/spike]
what ran through buffy's head immediately after the teaser of 'dead things'.

he's born to shimmer.

spin. fall. [buffy/gunn]
two people in love in shangri-la.

Faith Lehane

3 cigarettes
faith survives--at any cost.

some choices can change everything.

everybody's waiting [buffy/faith]
after chosen, faith turns herself back in to the police, but nothing goes quite as she'd planned..

the game [buffy/faith]
is she not right? is she insane? [WARNING: This fic contains nonconsensual sex and child abuse.]

last one standing
faith's always on her own.

self made
faith's an independent girl.. isn't she?

stained glass
how faith got broken. [WARNING: This fic contains violence and nonconsesual sex.]

stargirl [faith/tara]
faith looks back on what she gave up. (dedicated to mary borsellino)

an unquiet mind
faith just wants peace.