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More Than Just Surviving: Stories About Clexa


GRAVITY: A Complete Series Rewrite [explicit]

Gravity Prologue: Zero Gravity
When Lexa kisses her in the tent, Clarke decides to go for it, ready or not.
Gravity Book I: Amidst the Chaos
Change one thing, change everything. Mount Weather offers Clarke a deal instead, and everything gets really complicated--especially when Clarke finds herself being held prisoner in Polis.
Gravity Book II: Brave New World
While Lexa squares off against the angry Commanders in her head with devastating side effects, everyone else is racing against time to find a way to survive the end of the world. Book II of "Gravity", running more or less parallel to canon season 4 and picking up about a month after "Amidst the Chaos".
Gravity Book III: What Remains [WIP]
Six and a half years after Praimfaya, things on the Ring are more complicated than ever. With no way to get back to the ground and Lexa’s situation growing ever more hopeless, Spacekru tries desperately to hold themselves and their family together in the face of overwhelming odds.

A Good Dream, Almost [explicit]
After Praimfaya, Clarke’s loneliness begins to break her, leading her to a wonderful, terrible choice.

Healing Scars [explicit]
After betraying Clarke at Mount Weather, Lexa needs to atone for her sins and Clarke is more than happy to facilitate this process. (TW: BDSM, dubious consent)

Seperate Souls [teen & up]
After being orphaned as a young child, Lexa joins a gang of street kids who band together for survival. Then she meets a volunteer at the local pantry who changes her life forever. (CW: referenced/past abuse sexual/physical, drug use)

Arson & Ashes [teen & up]
After entering the Anomaly, Clarke finds herself reliving the hellscape of the last three years and making very different choices. Written for the first Ships Alliance Season 6 Fic-a-Thon on Ao3.