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Full Circle

Angelus wondered if all vampires got deja vu. If it was just something that happened occasionally, as with humans, or if it was out of the ordinary for him to be experiencing it.

One might ask why he bothered thinking about such nonsensical things, but though he had always prided himself on coming off to others as a vicious, evil bastard (which--no mistaking, he was), he took almost as much pride in the fact that he was a highly intelligent, vicious, evil bastard. Something he felt he always had the potential for, just never the opportunity.

But now was an inappropriate time to wonder about the why's and how's of vampirism. Darla approached the little girl and whispered her death to her as he stood poised over the bassinet, turning his gaze to that of the baby boy.

Holtz would surely die of heartbreak, he thought. And surpisingly this did not bring him the joy he had expected it to. Darla drank, her eyes burning into his back. There was no choice here, he would do what he had to do.

He took no pleasure in the sound of the child's vertebrae snapping, and instead felt a deep loss and a strong desire to leave as fast as was possible.

"Let's not hang about," he said gruffly, gesturing to Darla. She approached him and glanced into the cradle.

"It doesn't feel quite right, does it?" she said, obviously upset by the lack of joy carrying out this plan had brought them.

Angelus frowned and glanced once again at the baby. "Holtz will be back soon."


Several weeks earlier.

Holtz was fearless as he landed, cradling the baby in his arms. Whatever dimension this was, he would protect this child with his last breath. However, this "darkest of the dark worlds" looked completely normal to him. In fact.. vaguely familiar.

What a surprise, that Sahjhan had lied. Never trust a demon.

Holtz stepped forward cautiously. His house loomed in front of him, looking warm and inviting yet foreboding at the same time. His wife met him at the door. How could this be real? Was this hell, perhaps? Was something lying in wait inside the house?

She smiled brightly. "Did you boys have a nice stroll, then?" she asked, her eyes sparkling as she took the baby from him.

In a flash, Holtz remembered how he had taken his infant son into town to show him off. He remembered nothing of Angel, Sahjhan, or the child who had once been named Connor Angel.

The father will kill the son.