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Buffy Recs

Assault & Battery of the Heart by Booster17
This is a brilliant take on a pairing who might-have-been, Faith & Gwen Raiden.

It's a Slayer Thing and the DFJWIMOPOH Series by Freelance Spice
The 'Divergance From Joss's World Into My Own Place Of Happiness" series speaks for itself, but Freelance's fic is the most classic fluffy Fuffy fun I can name. While angst and drama are great storytellers, it's always enjoyable to kick back and relax with Freelance's Slayer antics.

The Incredibly (un)True Adventures of Two Slayers In Love by Oralfxatn
Buffy and Faith are so real in this. Their thoughts and actions come complete with their very human flaws, and it makes the story seem so possible and plausible at the same time.

The Twelfth Sister by Rowan
So fantastically dark and yet completely realistic. This take on what the Watcher's Council is capable of continues to haunt me.

The Best Revenge by Ins
A chilling look inside Faith's head while she makes love with Riley.

Human by Ins
This 'dead letter home' from Xander to Anya is a quick shot to the heart.

Here Comes a Candle by Wiseacress
There are no words to describe how utterly creepy this is. Nail-biting until the very last word, and leaves you needing to check under your bed for monsters.

Five Pairs of Lips Buffy Never Kissed.. and Five She Did by Chrislee
This is a beautiful look at how deep Buffy's love really goes, and with each pair of lips, Buffy seems less and less like a superhero and more and more like a human.

Fantasia by Ari
You can feel the cravings of the four fantasies, and the terrible awkwardness of reality. I am normally not a fan of most of the potential pairings in this story, but Ari just makes it work.

Fault by Ins
An endlessly eerie look at what could be Buffy's future with Angel.

The Sunset by Saoirse
An emotional take on the future of the Slayers, this story never fails to make me well up like the weepy geek I am.

The Last Summer by Annie Sewell-Jennings
This is my favorite Buffy story, bar none. I first stumbled upon it in a newsgroup when it was first being written & posted, and I have read it more times than I can count since then. This story is sad and beautiful and it echoes inside you long after you've finished reading it.

Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee
Set in the very, very distant future, Phoenix Burning runs a close second to The Last Summer as my favorite story of all time. The original characters are all so realistic that it's hard to remember they're not Joss's creations, and the familiar characters remain familiar despite how much time has passed.

Alternative Lifestyle by A.C. Chapin
As the title suggests, this story is quite alternative. In another world, Anne the vampire Slayer and her watcher, Ripper, are torn apart by a familiar enemy, and when Ripper is kidnapped, Anne seeks help from some even more familiar people. This story is endlessly beautiful and eerily true.

Bubblegum Girl by Kat
This story is just plain amazing. Buffy's stream of consciousness is so honest and rings so true.

Loving Buffy Summers by Margot Le Faye
This entire series is seductive and beautiful. It was actually the first Buffy/Faith fic I ever read--incidentally, I began reading it for Buffy/Angel. Even to this day, I go back to it and am amazed each time by how many different definitions of love there are.

Buffy's Diary by Harpy
A poignant, realistic view of Buffy and Angel's relationship via Buffy's diary entries.

Damned if I Don't, Damned if I Do by Bkitty
I cannot begin to describe this work. It's long and complex and each chapter is woven into an intricate plotline that keeps you guessing.

"The Courtship of Buffy Summers" by Salix
A sweet and complex alternative universe, where Buffy and Faith meet under very different circumstances.

"CV" by Wynd Gyrl
A sweet and intriguing journey through the formation of Buffy and Faith's relationship while Faith is in prison.

My Little Glass Shoe by Ins and Mark Bolt
A gorgeously-executed look at Faith's feelings for Buffy set to an amazing Nields song.

Other Recs

"Anything You Want" by Michelle K
[RPFS, Olsenfic]